Transfer Osos

Transfer Osos provides support to our growing community of Latinx/Chicanx-identifying transfer students through academic counseling, workshops, and community gatherings. Our programs go beyond transition and retention assistance to help our comunidad grow and thrive during their time at Cal.

Fall 2023 Upcoming Events

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Our Staff

Brittney Samora-Delgadillo

Transfer Osos Peer Advocate Lead

About Brittney:

I am a proud Bay Area native who transferred to UC Berkeley from Cañada College. It was my experience at community college that made me realize the importance of seeing yourself represented and how much knowledge we transfer students bring into 4-year institutions. As a first-generation Latina I aspire to continue to build comunidad in Berkeley and create a safe, resourceful, and welcoming environment for everyone. By sharing my experience as a Latinx transfer I hope to uplift others and help make their experience at Cal enjoyable!  

Fun Fact:

 I love doing self-care activities such as journaling and coloring. I also enjoy embracing my culture through Mexican Ballet Folklorico and spending time with my loved ones! 

Jasmine Kamariotis, M.S.

Latinx Success Counselor

About Jasmine:

I am a proud Bay Area native and was a transfer student at UC Berkeley from City College of San Francisco. It was my experience of being a transfer student that lead me to pursue a career in higher education. After Cal, I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling from San Francisco State University. In the spirit of 'lifting as you climb', I strive to use my position to make higher education a more welcoming, accessible, and equitable place for first-gen, underrepresented students. I am privileged to work directly with our Chicanx and Latinx transfer students to provide voice, connection and support to our community at Cal!


M.S., Counseling, San Francisco State University

B.A., History of Art, University of California, Berkeley

Fun Fact:

I love being creative and learning new ways of self expression. Currently, I enjoy making pottery and jewelry and I am teaching myself to play the Ukulele!