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The Transfer Student Center recognizes that transitioning to a 4-year research university from another college or university can be challenging. We understand that transfer students face academic, social, and personal adjustments as they make the transition to Cal. Given the short time to graduation (2 years), transfer students must quickly learn to navigate the university and its resources.

Our staff practices a holistic, multicultural, and solution-focused approach that helps you consider options and possibilities. Students receive support transitioning to the university, understanding the academic planning process, navigating resources and enrichment opportunities, understanding requirements, exploring career options, and preparing for life after Cal. We also assist students in managing the various extenuating circumstances that may impact their lives while ensuring progress towards graduation. As transfer students, you will benefit from our programs, services, and extensive campus referral network.

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For Fall 2021, The Transfer Student Center will be utilizing a hybrid model of service and offering most services virtually with limited in-person service. Academic Counseling Appointments will be virtual. We continue to be committed to providing access and support to transfer students during this ever-evolving time. We will be contacting you via your email with a Zoom link.

All Transfer Student Center staff will be providing drop-in advising during the first 2 weeks of the semester. We will resume with prescheduled appointments after September 3, 2021

Appointments are for current full-time enrolled UC Berkeley students or recently admitted transfers to UC Berkeley.

Please note: we do not meet with UC Berkeley concurrent enrollment students.

Our Staff

Andrew Henry

Academic Counselor

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Jasmine Kamariotis, M.S.

HSI Academic Counselor

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Steven Nguyen, M.A.

Program Director

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Kassandra Lopez, MS

Academic Counselor

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