Starting Point

Starting Point Mentorship Program

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Keegan Houser

Program Information:

The Starting Point Mentorship Program (SPMP) pairs eligible community college students with current UC Berkeley student mentors that offer guidance, motivation and access to admissions, campus, and community resources. The program is specifically designed to encourage California Community College students from all backgrounds to explore their academic potential and prepare for transfer to UC Berkeley and other 4-year universities. Mentoring is conducted through: Zoom, email, phone calls, campus visits, workshops, and the use of online technologies. 

Benefits of the Program:

  • One-on-one Mentorship
  • Access to Workshops
  • Campus Visits
  • Build Community
  • Application Advice


My favorite part of the program was the fact that community college students were able to get such valuable insight from people that have successfully traveled the same pathways. This line of communication allowed me to have a clear perspective in terms of what other students did in order to achieve their goals and at the same time allowed me to see that my goal was achievable.
Mentee, Spring 2020
My favorite part of the program was all the support, encouragement, and information my mentor gave me - it really motivated me and gave me a better understanding of how to transfer to UC Berkeley and how to succeed at whereever I do transfer to.
Mentee, Fall 2018
My favorite part was learning very detailed information about the opportunities offered at Cal, such as conducting research, participating in internships, studying abroad, etc.
Mentee, Spring 2019