Become a Mentee

Becoming a Mentee

Program Description

As a new transfer, we understand that navigating UC Berkeley can seem overwheling. By participating as a mentee in the Transfer Mentorship Program, you can hear directly from your mentor the ins and outs of navigating UC Berkeley, learn about campus resources, opportunites on campus, and begin to built your community at Cal. 

Mentee Requirements 

  • Eligibility: Students must be enrolled at UC Berkeley and starting their first semester during the semester in which they are applying. 
  • The Transfer Mentorship program is a semester long commitment. You are required to meet with your mentor 2 times during the semester via Zoom and/or Google Hangouts. If you and your mentor wish to continue on after the first semester, we encourage you to do so, but it is not a requirement. 
  • This program will pair you with a continuing transfer student at UC Berkeley. We encourage you to ask questions refarding their student experiece, navigating campus, etc. Please note, mentors are not advisors but are sharing their student experience. 
  • Attend a minumum of 2 events throught the semester. 
  • Complete 2 evaluation surveys. 


Getting to make a connection with someone in my major with similar interests was extremely rewarding, especially with everything being virtual. Not only have I found about more programs, classes, and opportunities because of it, but I also have a new friendship with a really great person!
Fall 2020 Mentee
It was really nice to have someone to go to fo advice and help with my experiences as a transfer student. I am a mentor for the Starting Point Mentorship Program, but I felt like I needed a mentor of my own, so I joined this program. I felt really supported and encouraged by my mentor.
Spring 2021 Mentee
It was nice talking to a fellow transfer who already had experience being here which gave me valuable information on how to navigate school
Spring 2021 Mentee