Transfer Student Center Job Opportunities

The Transfer Student Center provides students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and gain experience working with transfer students. Transfer Center Staff will represent the Transfer Student Center in a professional manner while maintaining that ever-important personal approach. The Transfer Student Center recognizes that transitioning to a 4-year research university from another college or university can be challenging. The Center offers a broad range of programs and services that focus on providing guidance and support, fostering student engagement, and building community on campus. 


Transfer Student Center Staff play a vital role within the Transfer Student Center by providing a safe and welcoming environment for transfer students. The Peer Advocate Leads (PALs) will be the group of individuals that will lead and coordinate key project/programming areas in the Transfer Center. The Peer Advocates and PALs will work within their respective teams to execute their projects/goals for the semester while also supporting one another’s efforts.


The Peer Advocate Lead plays a critical role in ensuring that the project team is meeting project goals and objectives. The lead helps to organize and arrange the team’s areas of responsibility, delegates as necessary, and maintain a regular communication with the Transfer Center’s Leadership Team. The Lead works in a team setting and helps to provide the connection and collaboration between and amongst team members. The Lead is a role model for how to manage responsibilities, collaborate, perform duties at the highest level, and contribute to building a strong team culture. Leads will troubleshoot and facilitate any potential project area focuses.  


By participating, Peer Advocate Leads have access to professional staff members, develop transferrable skills in leadership and program planning, and may develop a clear understanding of the need for assisting transfer students.   

Area of Focus within Transfer Student Center

You will be asked to indicate an area of interest on the application.  


The Operations Team will work to ensure efficient day-to-day operations of the Center. They implement processes and programs, work to ensure helpful services for students, and oversee maintenance of the Center and equipment. The team will take the lead in monitoring and maintaining the Peer Advocate’s work schedule at the Information and Referral Desk during hours of operation. They will also update the work schedule as appropriate to ensure that the Information and Referral desk has coverage Monday through Friday, 9-5pm.


The Events Team will be responsible to host events for the Transfer Community throughout the semester. This team will work together to create, plan and implement the event to create a sense of community.


The Outreach Team will be responsible for managing the department’s social media account as well as outreaching to the broader Cal community. This team will work together to inform students about upcoming events and relevant transfer information.

Education 198

The Education 198 Team will be responsible to assist the Instructor with the facilitation of EDU 198 Transition Courses. The team will develop and implement events/extracurricular activities for students in the class. 

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Team will be responsible for the production of graphics, flyers, and Transfer Student Center's newsletter. The team will assist other areas as assigned.

Peer Advocate Lead Requirements: 

  1. Starting Pay: $15/hr (work-study required). 
  2. Work 10 hours per week
  3. Transfer Center Team Leadership Training which will be held within the first few weeks of the semester, most likely on a weekend to ensure that most can attend. 
  4. Availability for Golden Bear Orientation, Monday, August 13, 2018 through Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  5. For Fall 2018, the Training/Retreat will be on Saturday, August 25th
  6. Attendance at major programs the Transfer Center hosts throughout the semester (a notification of events will be provided in advance).
  7. Attend weekly meeting on Friday from 10:00am-12:00pm.
  8. Facilitate weekly meetings with your Peer Advocates 
  9. Peer Advocate Leads (PALs): Attend bi-monthly check-ins with a Transfer Student Center Staff Member.



UC Berkeley, Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence

 9am–5:00pm | Monday–Friday | 100 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center


For general questions: Contact Steven Nguyen at