Rosemary Karapetyan

A Little About Myself:

My name is Rosemary Karapetyan and I am a Junior from Glendale, Ca. I was born on December 25 and spent most of my years at an Armenian private school

Previous Institution/Community College:

I attended Glendale Community College. I transferred to Berkeley fall of 2016 and have loved my experience at Cal thus far. I am a declared English major who is looking to go to Law School, and become a criminal attorney.

My Involvement on Campus:

Besides interning for the Transfer Student Center, I am also a part of the Armenian Student Association at Cal because I am a proud Armenian. I love being a part of the Armenian community here at Cal, and hope to get more involved with other clubs as the year continues. 

Ask me about:

I am very passionate about food, traveling, and living in the moment, so if you ever see me around campus or in the Transfer Center ask me about my bucket list.  

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