Major Insights is a mentoring program that connects first semester transfer students with continuing transfer students in the same major. New students will learn about academic expectation and the in's and out of being an upper division student in the major.

Why become a Mentor?

Major Insight Mentorship Program is a great opportunity for current UC Berkeley students to build community, gain leadership and mentoring skills, and give back to the community through helping incoming transfer students reach their academic potential. The mentor/mentee can choose to work together exclusively via e-mail exchanges if that’s more convenient. Mentors are asked to meet at least once or twice with mentees. We will begin matching students with mentors starting in the first weeks of the semester.

Mentors can discuss various topics including:

  • Tips that can help with navigating upper division coursework
  • Strategies for academic success
  • Working with faculty and graduate student instructors
  • Creating a support network
  • Or any other questions that come up during the first semester transition to Cal.

Major Insight Mentor Application Form

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