Luis Yataco


A Little About Myself:

Luis is a Cognitive Science major who struggled to find the major that felt right for him. After changing his major about 10 times, he finally decided on the Cognitive Science major, an interdisciplinary discipline that allows him to study a little bit of everything! Understanding from experience the stress of navigating a new academic institution and choosing an academic track, he hopes that sharing his experience can help new transfer students find their place here at UC Berkeley. Feel free to reach out to him! 

Previous Institution/Community College:

 Diablo Valley College

My Involvement on Campus:

 Luis is involved in the Transfer Student Center as a Peer Advocate. There, he primarily works along side Course Facilitators for the Transfer Course Education 198 - Introduction to the Research University. Luis has also spent two summers as an Academic Intern for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, working as a lab assistant and assisting in office hours for the introductory Computer Science course, CS61A - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Future Plans:

Luis plans to become involved in more student support in the future and hopes to become an Academic Advisor at a University or Community College. 

Ask me about:

 Cognitive Science, the mind and brain, and my favorite Peruvian food!