Jacqueline Rodriguez


A Little About Myself:

Hola amigos! My name is Jacqueline but you are welcome to call me Jackie for short ! (: I am a 4th year transfer student, currently studying sociology in hopes of utilizing the knowledge I acquire to give back to my community. Fun Fact- I have still not adapted to Berkeley’s weather because I was born and raised in East Los Angeles which is located in Sunny SoCal. When I am not overwhelmed with the Cal culture, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three babies: Nacho the Pug, Chapo the Chihuahua, and Ruby the Poodle, going on hikes, eating and binge-watching Netflix series.

Previous Institution/Community College:

 I transferred to Berkeley during Spring of 2018, I am currently a 3rd year transfer student from Rio Hondo College and although I received my Associates degree in Psychology, I decided to pursue my Bachelors degree in Sociology here at Berkeley and am pondering minoring in Race and Law.

My Involvement on Campus:

My first semester at Berkeley I decided to strictly stick my academics and adapt to the Cal culture which is why I am very excited to finally have the opportunity to be able to be involved on campus. I am currently interning at the Transfer Center as an Outreach Peer Advocate and in addition to this position I am also working at the Career Center as a Peer Advisor.

Future Plans:

My future plans are definitely not set in stone, I have various paths in mind which require different steps. I am debating between Law school and Graduate school which is why I have decided to take a year off after graduating to gain work experience which will hopefully give me more clarity. 

Ask me about:

 I definitely have an extrovert personality and can genuinely chat about anything and everything, so please feel free to approach me, I am very friendly and always eager to help! :D