Emily Boucher

A Little About Myself:

My name is Emily Boucher and I am a third year Economics major from San Jose, CA. 

Previous Institution/Community College:

I transferred from West Valley College in Saratoga, CA and wouldn’t trade my community college experience for anything. I was homeschooled for the entirety of my education before attending West Valley and community college was perfect for helping me bridge the gap between being homeschooled and coming to Cal. 

My Involvement on Campus:

I am involved with Berkeley’s chapter of Cru. 

Future Plans:

After graduation I hope to find a job where I can use my knowledge of economics to make the world a little brighter for everyone, whether that is going into environmental economics or teaching people how to wisely manage their finances. 

Ask me about:

Ask me about the Economics major, what it was like being homeschooled, or what it is like living in a dorm at Cal.