One-on-one advising for transfer students includes assistance with; transitioning, navigating, academic planning, financial aid, career and graduate school planning, personal and academic difficulty, campus involvement, enrichment opportunities and more.

Counselors are experienced with the University's systems and common questions and concerns transfer students have while transitioning to the University and throughout their Berkeley career. Together we will explore options and solutions for a successful UC Berkeley experience.

Transition courses: Education 198, Transitioning to Cal: An Introduction to the Research University

This one unit pass / not pass course is designed to help facilitate the transition to Cal by improving transfer students knowledge of the research university and its resources. Students learn key academic skills and strategies for upper division coursework, and build connections, community, and support. Enrollment is limited to 25 students per section. The course is available for first semester transfer students in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Fall 2015 Ed198 Courses PDF

Major Insights Mentoring Program

 One of the best resources for a first semester transfer student is a continuing transfer student in the same major, the Major Insights Mentoring Program provides just that. Mentors meet once or twice with their mentees to discuss, among other things, their experiences with upper division coursework in the major, academic expectations at Cal, student life, and building relationships with faculty and graduate student instructors. 

Transfer Guide

This guide is designed to assist new transfer students, provide tools to help navigate their transition to Cal, and prepare them for the first semester. It provides helpful tips, advice from continuing students, and information about the differences between Cal and community college. Students also receive advice on selecting courses, academic support, understanding Cal lingo, housing, financial aid, and other resource information. Access guide: HERE