Mariajose Corona-Rojas

A Little About Myself:

Hola! My name is Mariajose Corona-Rojas. I am currently a third year Spring admit transfer. My hometown is Pomona located in the Inland Empire in Southern California.

Previous Institution/Community College:

I transferred from Mount San Antonio College as a Sociology major.

My Involvement on Campus:

As a peer advocate in the transfer center I am involved with the P.R. team, I also work with the Student Affairs IT department. 

Future Plans:

After successfully completing my undergraduate studies, my future desire is to attend graduate school and be an agent of change for my community as a first generation student. I firmly believe in 'making it happen' and bettering your life circumstances in order to further guide and support others by any means necessary, big or small! 

Ask me about:

Feel free to ask me about the Soc major and the transition as a Spring admit to Cal. Also I invite you to come talk to me about 70s/80s/90s greatest music hits, films, and photography! 

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