Transfer Student Center Job Opportunities

The Transfer Student Center provides students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and gain experience working with transfer students. Transfer interns will represent the Transfer Student Center in a professional manner while maintaining that ever-important personal approach. The Transfer Student Center recognizes that transitioning to a 4-year research university from another college or university can be challenging. The Center offers a broad range of programs and services that focus on providing guidance and support, fostering student engagement, and building community on campus. 

Transfer Interns play a vital role within the Transfer Student Center by providing a safe and welcoming environment for transfer students. Transfer Interns can serve in various different roles such as being a peer advocate, assisting at the information and referral desk, be student assistants in the Education 198 courses, get involved with special projects or create a project that serves the broader transfer community . Other responsibilities may include planning and implementing programs/events relevant to the transfer community or marketing and outreaching to transfer students.

By participating, Transfer Interns have access to professional staff members, develop transferrable skills in leadership and program planning, and may develop a clear understanding of the need for assisting transfer students.   

Area of Focus within Transfer Student Center Internship:

You will be asked to indicate an area of interest on the application.  

Peer Advocate

  • Responsible for assisting newly admitted and continuing transfer students with navigating campus resources and opportunities. 
  • Advise students on carious campus policies and procedures
  • Work as part of a team to create a welcoming community space for the hundreds of students that visit the center each week.
  • Assist with the centers running operation which includes, but is not limited to, answering phones, providing information and referral and event planning.
  • Participate in weekly trainings that focus’ on building communication, peer advising and cultural competency skills.

Additionally, some Transfer Student Center Intern will be assigned to project areas, while others will work solely on assigned projects.  


The Events Team will be responsible to host events for the Transfer Community throughout the semester. This team will work together to create, plan and implement the event to create a sense of community.

 Outreach/Social Media

The Outreach/Social Media team will be responsible for managing the department’s social media account as well as outreaching to the broader Cal community. This team will work together to inform students about upcoming events and relevant transfer information.


The Video team along with the Social Media Coordinator will be responsible to create videos for both current and incoming transfer students. The team will have the responsibility to come up with the video topics and carry out the project.

Student Assistant

  • Assist instructor with teaching and facilitating the Education 198 Transition Course
  • Develop and implement events and extracurricular activities for students in the class.
  • Participate in weekly planning meeting 


•      Must be a currently enrolled transfer student
•      Must have completed at least one semester at UC Berkeley
•      Available to work between the hours M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm

Transfer Intern Requirements: 

•        Minimum 3 hours/week, in addition to 1 hour of training each week from August 24, 2016 to December 16, 2016  
•        Complete an internship agreement form
•        Fulfill the required semester hours in accordance with the number of units selected
•        Perform assigned duties and special projects as necessary

Unit Requirement

1 unit of credit = 45 semester hours
2 units of credit = 90 semester hours
3 units of credit = 135 semester hours


UC Berkeley, Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence

 9am–5:00pm | Monday–Friday | 100 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center