Bianca Pery

A Little About Myself:

Hi! I'm Bianca, and I'm currently a third year student and an intended Cognitive Science major. I also have an A.A in Mathematics and an A.S. in Economics.

Previous Institution/Community College:

I transferred to UC Berkeley from San Jose City College. I'm originally from Dallas, and I will always be a Texas girl at heart!

My Involvement on Campus:

I'm a Peer Advocate at the Transfer Student Center, and I help out with the P.R./Outreach team. I'm really passionate about helping other students get the most out of their college experience, and most of all, feel that they're encouraged and capable of reaching their fullest potential. I've learned from my first semester here that this school can be tough, and you can never have too much support.

Future Plans:

I ultimately want to work in Data Science, but I will always have a passion for helping others. Whether it's through math tutoring, giving resources to transfer students, or just being a good friend, I believe that even the smallest gesture of kindness makes a positive impact.

Ask me about:

If you see me around, definitely come up and say hi! Feel free to tell me about your experience at Cal or ask me questions -- I'll try and help you out as much as I can. I'm super friendly, so new connections are always welcome!