Andrew Henry

A Little About Myself:

Hello, I’m Andrew Henry; I’m currently in my last semester as an English major at Cal.

Previous Institution/Community College:

I transferred to Berkeley in Fall 2015, from Cerritos Community College. I grew up not too far from there in Downey, which is in Los Angeles County.

My Involvement on Campus:

I am currently a student assistant for Education 198 – a course that facilitates a smooth transition for first semester transfer students. I am also a writing tutor at the Student Learning Center. I have found a passion working with students who share the difficulties I face or have faced as a transfer student. 

Future Plans:

I hope to continue support others after I graduate, and I am also planning to teach English abroad in the future. 

Ask me about:

If you see me around campus, please come introduce yourself. I will be glad to answer any questions about the transfer center or the SLC. I also am an avid Cal sports fan, so if you want to discuss them, I’m always game. 

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